Thursday, June 16, 2011

Fun in New Mexico

Ever since we moved to New Mexico there has been tons of stuff to do. There are birdies outside in our yard. I like the quail the best, but the doves are the easiest to catch (if we were just able to get outside). We have gotten more toys for the inside as well. I just love my sleeping tower. It is so comfy and can only hold me and NO sister!

Berry love New Mexico because there is lots of sun she can sleep in.
Also we get away with just about everything we do. When Easter came around Berry decided that the Easter baskets looked like the best bed/play space she ever saw. I just couldn't believe she would do such a thing. But as always she entertains me to no end!

And the best part about living in New Mexico is that we have love, food, and toys!!

Saturday, April 03, 2010

Bad Kitty!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Spring Break

Tomorrow starts the week of Spring Break! This means Mommy will stay home with us all day. Well, she has to work 3 days, but other than that she will be home playing with us all day. She has been really busy with school the last few weeks, so I am really happy that she will be all mine, and Berry's, over the next few days.

Life is pretty good in our new house. We have been here about a month now. We have just about furred up everything there is to fur. There are new closets and storage areas to explore every day. And I can climb to the very top of the kitchen, above the fridge! And the closets have lots of shelves so I can climb up very high there also. Its funny when Daddy comes in to get clothes in the morning and I jump down on him. He gets really scared. The only bad thing about the new house is that there is no backyard. We cannot go out anymore, but there are lots of windows. Its not the same, but it works.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

I am 5!!

Today is my 5th birthday! Can you believe I am 5??? Today is going to be a good day. I am going to take many naps and get lotsa good foods, and lotsa loves. This morning I played with Daddy and Berry. I got 4 new balls for my birthday, my other play balls got washed in the washer and are not so good now. I like my new balls, they bounce high and are fun to play with on the stairs.
Earlier this month we moved to a new house because the house we were renting went into Foreclosure. It was exciting to move, the new house has lotsa new smells and sounds. And the stairs are really big and fun to play on. One bad thing about the new house is that it doesn't have a backyard and we can't go out anymore. I keep meowing at the front door tying to wear down the parents, but they are staying strong, but they will beak....eventually. Everything else here is petty boring, Mommy is working and going to school and Daddy is just working. But I am having a great birthday day which is the most important thing.

Tuesday, December 01, 2009


A lot has happened since the last post. First Daddy hurt his finger and Mommy had to take him to the hospital. Nothing major and Daddy came home with a super cool bandage.

Everyday when Daddy gets home we get to go outside to play for 30 min or so. Sometimes it is really windy. I do not like when it is windy because it messes up my beautiful furs. Berry doesn't care what the weather is like.

In the picture below the wind is blowing my furs all over so I have to run inside.

Here I am inside because it is too windy.
Daddy got new tires for his Jeep so the old tires are in our backyard and we get to play on them. Berry likes to play inside them. I like to sit on top of them and plot my escape.

And today is Daddy's birthday!! Mommy made him a cake and we opened presents and they went out to a Mexican restaurant for dinner.

This is the chocolate raspberry cake Mommy made. It looks great but it could use some cheese.

Daddy really loved this birthday cake. He kept making funny noises while eating it. (Mommy here. The cake was chocolate with a raspberry filling, chocolate fudge frosting and fresh raspberries on top.)
All in all November was a great month. Bring on Christmas!! (Berry asks "how many ornaments can I break this year?")

Monday, November 02, 2009


Tonight has been prime for bug hunting.  We have been sitting outside in the back yard herding buggies into the house to catch.  Berry is the best bug hunter I have ever seen.  The first bug was caught outside.  Berry then took it inside to play with/eat.  We have no pictures because she eats the buggies too quickly for pictures.  The next bug we both chased into the house.  It was then hunted down and Berry ate it again.  She didn't even let me play with it.  She must have been very hungry.  After we herded the third bug into the house, Berry ate that one too by the way, Daddy made us go inside because it was too dark to keep track of Berry.  We go out everyday when daddy gets home.  I do hope there are lot a bugs out tomorrow night too.  Moths are my favorite to play with.  Berry likes any and all bugs.  Really she likes anything that moves that she can catch.  And to Mommy and Daddy's chagrin she always brings anything she catches into the house.  Hope everyone has a good buggy night.  A secret?  If you herd bugs into the house early in the day, you have bugs to play with at night when the hoomans are sleeping.   

Sunday, November 01, 2009


We had a great Halloween here yesterday.  First the hoomans carved sum very cool and scary pumpkins.  The first carving is a Jayhawk, as in Univ. of Kansas Jayhawks!  The school my mommy went to.  I, Zoe, think this pumpkin is really cool.

Berry here!!  I really like daddy's pumpkin, the mummy in a haunted house!  It really scared me the first time I saw it.  I was glad that it also scared some candy getters too.  At least it is not only me.

We had lots and lots and lots of candy getters last night.  We even ran out of candy (well only 3 candy getters didn't get candy.  And they were late!!).  We both got tired of Halloween so we decided it would be a better use of our time to take a nap.  And that is how Halloween at our house ended.